Supplementary Regulations

July 29th – 31st, 2022
Slemon Park Airport

Summerside, PE

Supplementary Regulations
Held under the National Autoslalom Regulations

Issued, July 2022
Rev. 1.3




  1. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Entry is open to anyone having a valid driver’s license and belong to a Canadian motorsport club or the SCCA. Entrants should meet any licensing required by their region.
  2. Course will be open for walking starting July 30th from 8:00 am and July 31st from 8:00 am.
  3. Changes to the Supplemental Regulations, run/work order will be posted at Registration. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check for any changes and be governed by them.
  4. The course and general paddock areas will be vacated by all personnel and locked at night; times when the gate will be closed will be posted at Registration.
  5. Overnight motor home parking and camping at the event site is available in the designated area for a fee. Open fires are only allowed in designated areas. The dumping of coals on the ground, pavement, or into the dumpsters is not allowed.
  6. Other site restrictions required by the site owner such as “off-limits” areas, may be published separately and posted on site and must be obeyed.
  7. Trash containers and portable toilets will be provided. Do not obstruct the portable toilets. Please use all facilities responsibly.
  8. Gasoline is not available at the event site. Stations are within two kilometres of the event site. If AV Gas is required, please contact the organizer for information.
  9. All garbage and waste must be removed from the site by the competitor. The expense for disposal of any identifiable waste will be billed to the owner.
  10. Electric vehicles are not permitted.


  1. Register online or send registrations to: Slalom@Slemon, c/o Moncton Motor Sport Club, PO Box 422, Moncton, NB, E1C 8L4 Make cheques payable to MMSC. Please ensure that the appropriate self-tech form is filled in correctly.
  2. Entry forms must be received by 4:00 p.m. ADT, July 8th to qualify for the $20 early bird discount. Application using the online form is preferred. The last day for withdrawal and refunds from the event is July 22nd.
  3. All drivers must bring to registration: Current valid drivers license, valid club membership card, and current Autoslalom or Solo 2 License (if applicable).
  4. Minors: A minor release form (available at registration) and a notarized permission letter from the car owner must be presented to registration or the entry will be refused.
  5. The hours of operation for registration and tech:
Friday, July 29 10:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday, July 30 8:00am – 9:30am
  • If an unforeseen delay, such as a breakdown while en-route, prevents arrival, contact the Chief of Registration or Chief Steward to arrange alternate registration and tech.
  • Under unusual circumstances, entrant may amend their entry form at on-site registration if approved by the Chief of Registration, Chief Steward and Chief of Timing and Scoring. Contact information will be posted on the MMSC Web site.


  1. A speed limit of 20 Km/h will be enforced at the event site including pre-grid and grid. Tire spins, rapid speed or direction changes, or other “abnormal/unusual” driving techniques are strictly prohibited throughout the event site other than during competition.
  2. During active competition, children, pets and non-participating adults are not allowed in the grid, staging and course areas. Pets must be leashed at all times.
  3. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew and guests. All must sign a waiver to be present in the pre-grid, grid, staging and course areas. Waiver forms will be available at registration and information.
  4. The wristband, signifying waiver signature, will be worn either on the wrist or attached to the individuals exterior clothing from the waist up on the front of the body and in plain sight. All personnel entering the paddock fence gate must sign the event waiver, or display the waiver wristband as identified above.
  5. Streamers will note area limits for spectators. Climbing over any fences to enter or depart the course or pre-grid areas is prohibited. All personnel, competitors, spectators, guests, etc., are restricted from departing the event site boundary toward the active runway or active airport facilities. Unauthorized encroachment toward active airport facilities may cause immediate disqualification. Reminder: parents are responsible for controlling their children.
  6. It is recommended that the refueling of cars in grid be accompanied with assistant and fire extinguisher.
  7. Crosswalks will be designated between grid and staging. Pedestrians must give-way to cars moving to staging (start-line).
  8. Workers must be on their feet at all times while cars are competing.
  9. Photographers desiring to enter a course area must be approved by the clerk of the course and be accompanied by a spotter. A minor may not serve as a spotter.
  10. Skate boards, roller blades, roller skates, or similar devices are prohibited from use in all areas of the event site. The intent is to prohibit any device with the basic function/form of a skateboard. The Chief Steward will make the determination of devices qualifying under this regulation.
  11. Pylons, tape, and/or other barriers will define “No Parking” areas near the course. All competitors are asked to respect these areas. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  12. All incidents involving injury and/or property damage occurring on the event site, or felt associated to the event will be reported as soon as possible to the Event Chairman or Chief Steward.


  1. Competition will be on two successive days with one course run each day. Runs will be scheduled into heats each day (heats will be assigned by car class).
  2. The gate will be opened between each heat to allow vehicles to enter/exit the grid area; it will be opened for a maximum of 20 minutes. A countdown clock will be started by the Timing & Scoring officials.
  3. All drivers will be offered a minimum of four runs on each of the two courses.
  4. Cars will run in numerical order by class (except as necessary and directed by the course chief to facilitate efficient event operation) within each heat until all cars have made a run, then the second run will begin. For cars with two drivers there will be a minimum spacing of 5 minutes. After the completion of each run, vehicles must return directly to the grid. Vehicles are not permitted to depart the grid area for service.
  5. Cars must be in staging at the specified time or forfeit that run (DNS). Exception: Drivers of cars with mechanical difficulty shall have 10 minutes after the car is scheduled to start, to present the car at the start line. Grid personnel will verify the mechanical difficulty, and will refer the request for a mechanical delay to the Chief Steward in cases where the competitor may gain an unfair advantage by delaying a run, for example changing weather conditions.
  6. All re-runs will be made as specified in section 3.4.6 of the Canadian National Autoslalom Regulations. In case a competitor is red flagged on course, the competitor may continue slowly through the remainder of the course, or may exit the course directly and will be granted a re-run if appropriate. Failure to exit the remainder of the course at an appropriate speed (generally 40 – 50 km/h) will result in a DNF for that run. It is important to clear the course in a timely manner to insure the event remains on schedule.
  7. The run/work order will initially identify only the days each class will run. Heat assignments will be made once entry density and mix is known. In the case of extremely high or low entries, withdrawals or no shows, changes in the run/work order may be required.


  1. Tech inspection will be at the event site. Vehicles, tires, helmets will be inspected by the scrutineer. All items must receive the scrutineer’s mark before use in the event or test & tune.
  2. All drivers are required to state on the entry the brand of tire they run on. However, the entry form does not commit you to a tire brand. This may be changed at tech. Tech will check forms to tire brand, model and size teched.
  3. You may tech as many tires as you feel you will need. It is the responsibility of the competitor for all additional tires acquired after tech inspection to be in compliance with tread depth and safety specifications. Any tire which fails tech inspection may be impounded by Chief of Tech until the completion of competition.
  4. Helmets must meet CNSR specifications and will be teched. Approved helmets must be teched before the driver’s car can receive a tech sticker. Helmets that do not meet the requirements of the Autoslalom rules will be impounded by the Chief of Tech until the completion of the event.


  1. Enquiry, protest and appeals will be handled as per CNSR SoloSport GCRs.


  1. Directional pylons (pylons which are laid on their side) are for informational purposes and do not count if hit. Directional pylons placed directly adjacent to a penalty pylon must be obeyed or a DNF will result. Directional pylons not adjacent to a penalty pylon are for informational purposes only and do not result in a DNF if not followed. If a directional pylon displaces a penalty pylon, the penalty pylon will be assessed.
  2. A penalty will be assessed for each displaced course entry and exit pylon.
  3. The course may be lined on both sides, weather permitting. Crossing a line incurs no penalty.
  4. Drivers observed driving at substantially less than normal competition speeds for the purpose of spotting slightly misplaced course markers to earn a re-run will be referred to the Chief Steward for action. As such conduct is considered unsportsmanlike and an unnecessary delay of the event.


  1. The total score will consist of the best-timed run from each course, combined to create one time.
  2. Scores will be posted in the spectator area on each course. See the Chief of Course to resolve problems. The names of the Chiefs of Course will be posted on the same bulletin boards as the times. THE TIMING & SCORING AREAS ARE OFF LIMITS FOR COMPETITORS, CREW AND SPECTATORS, unless invited to enter by an event official.
  3. After the completion of each heat, times will be moved to the Posting area.
  4. Class results for day 1 will be available at the Saturday evening banquet.


  1. Car numbers must comply with the CNSR AutoSlalom Regulations. See section 4.4.
  2. One set of numbers should be affixed to each side of the vehicle and should be legible from the timing and scoring van.
  3. Failure to properly identify the car number can result in the run not being timed.
  4. Car numbers for second drivers must be separated by at least 100.


  1. There will be a brief driver’s meeting on both days. Changes to the Supplementary Regulations and other items of information as well as the names of all event officials will be included in the packet of material provided at on-site registration, or posted on the official notice board. IT IS A COMPETITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD FOR CHANGES TO THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS.


  1. All competitors are required to work the event. Qualified replacements may be used as substitutes in worker assignments. However, workers must notify the Chief of Course prior to the substitution. Failure to comply or properly perform assigned duties will result in additional work assignments or disqualification, as executed by the Event Chairman.
  2. Early work assignments that offset a normal work assignment must be pre-approved by the Event Chairman and Chief of Workers. These assignments must be extremely limited to prevent loss of critical support during the event. Serving as a volunteer prior to the event is greatly appreciated and a key element in success of this event. However, this does not automatically offset a normal work assignment.


  1. Workers will report to their respective Chief of Workers before the beginning of the last run of the heat prior to their assigned work heat for a brief instructional session and assignment. First heat workers will report at 10:30 a.m. Subsequent heat workers are to report to their specific Course Worker Chief before the beginning of the third run on the previous Heat. Failure to report on time will result in an additional work assignment after the finish of the last heat on that day. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification.


  1. Course working is a serious assignment. Watch the other people in your station and be aware that a car may leave the pavement if it becomes out of control.


  • Check-in with the Chief of Workers prior to the beginning of your work heat.
  • Make sure your station has adequate supplies (extra pylons, fire extinguishers, red flag, and a clipboard with report forms).
  • Know your area of responsibility and the location of your radio person.
  • Make sure all of the cones in your area are in the proper place when you first come on station AND periodically check them all during your work shift.
  • Read and understand the pylon rules. Pointer cones do not count if hit.
  • Pay attention to the cars on course for accurate cone counts AND your safety.
  • Replace cones as soon as possible as another car will be through the course in another 20-30 seconds.
  • Be prepared for exposure to sun, rain, wind, heat, cold, etc. while on course.


  • Use cameras on a corner station.
  • Sit down or wander from your post.
  • Turn your back to the cars on course.
  • Red flag a car unless instructed to do so by the radio person OR if it is an emergency. However, if in doubt, err on the side of safety! The red flag must be kept in hand, held against the leg, and ready for immediate deployment.
  • Litter!
  • Pick-up hot parts dropped on course due to risk of burns.
Penalty [ PENALTY ]
No Penalty [ NO PENALTY ]


  1. Trophies will be awarded on Sunday after the last official run, dependent on any pending protest. They will not be mailed. If you leave the event early, appoint someone to receive your award.


  1. Official results will be posted on this web site.


    1. Competitors can register for the Test & Tune when registering for the event or on-site at registration/check-in.